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August Women Meeting

Our Mission

Cable is the premier leadership organization for women’s professional advancement.

Our Vision

Cable is an influential, resource-rich organization affecting positive change for women to achieve personal and professional success.

Our Vision Will Be Realized When:

Cable’s infrastructure employs traditional and virtual channels to develop communities of diverse, resourceful and powerful women.

The Cable experience supports members to achieve their own definitions of success and reaches beyond the organization to influence issues that impact all women.

The number of women in the executive suite and serving on corporate boards has increased to equitable levels in the United States.

Cable’s culture of mentoring includes women from the highest senior-level professionals to the newest women entering the workforce.

Cable has built model chapters regionally and in major U.S. cities with membership including top female leaders from all walks of life.

Jessica Wheeler
Edward Jones
Member since 2014

July 2019 Mission Moment

I joined Cable primarily to network with other professional women and to grow my business. With Cable, you get out of it what you put into it. I have gotten the most impact out of my Cable membership by following up with the people I meet each month and getting to know them more personally over coffee or lunch.  My Cable connections have become good friends, clients, and referred people to my business.

In preparing for this mission moment, I discovered that 10% of my business last year came from either Cable members or referrals from Cable members. 10%. I would say Cable has made a huge impact on my life! I have in turn been able to impact other people’s lives. For those that have become clients, I have been able to add value to their lives as their financial advisor. And secondly, I have been able to give other people this same opportunity by introducing them to Cable.

So I encourage you, make the most of your Cable membership by connecting with people that you meet after the breakfast one-on-one. By making these deeper connections with Cable members, I’m sure that your life will be impacted. And then, share the Cable connection with other people that you think would benefit from a Cable membership. And you will have the opportunity to impact other people’s lives in a positive way as well.

Lori Cutler
Business Development Officer
Redstone Federal Credit Union
Member since 2017

May 2019 Mission Moment

Joining Rutherford CABLE was not on my agenda when first moving to Middle Tennessee 8 short years ago. I had taken a job in Nashville and my territory covered the entire state. Though I chose to live in Murfreesboro, most of my work was at least 30 miles away. A couple of years into living in Tennessee I decided that I needed to give back in the community in which I lived, I started researching organizations to visit and Rutherford CABLE was the first to pop up. I was a guest at a couple of breakfasts here and there and something kept drawing me back! Although I was unable to attend regularly, I made many
personal and business friends in those few breakfasts. The day I decided to join the Redstone team, I also decided to become a member of Rutherford CABLE. And you know what happened, my first meeting as a member and an employee of Redstone I was welcomed with open arms with many words of encouragement on my new journey, including the words “I am so glad I am going to get to see your smiling face around here more often.”
Those words came from Veronica Terrell, someone I am so proud to call a friend. In no other world would our paths have crossed but they did, time and time again at Rutherford CABLE. And better yet, we now see each other all the time – we were ATHENA nominees together and we now sit on the board of
Junior Achievement of Rutherford County together and better yet I have had the privilege of sharing my Leadership Rutherford journey with her this year! Next time you see her ask about the Blackhawk ride, those who know her speculated she would never ever ever get in that thing! But she did, right between myself and Kim Young – all three being members of CABLE, Leadership Rutherford and Junior Achievement.
Its relationships like these that help us women form strong bonds and places like Rutherford CABLE are the catalyst to beginning these relationships. As individuals we have limitations but together we can change the world!