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ATHENA Patrons Society


The Rutherford ATHENA Patrons Society provides the ATHENA Award Program with much-needed funding, supports future leaders through the ATHENA Nontraditional Scholarship, and provides Society members added benefits. The Patrons Society is supported by both women and men who have been and are a part of the ATHENA legacy and who are committed to its continuation.

Drawing from the ranks of past ATHENA nominees, judges, committee members, as well as RUTHERFORD Cable members and community leaders, the Rutherford ATHENA Patrons Society represents a cross-section of Rutherford Countians who are dedicated to the ATHENA Leadership Model and who promote the personal and professional success embodied by the spirit of ATHENA. Support the Rutherford ATHENA Award Program and join the Patrons Society today.

Your $190 contribution:
  • Establishes you as a 2023 Patron Society Member
  • Supports the Rutherford ATHENA Program
  • Helps provide scholarships for deserving female students returning to school later in life.Provides your ticket to the May 12th, 2023 ATHENA Award Ceremony
  • Provides your ticket to the invitation only Patron’s Reception on April 13th at Pinnacle Financial Partners, 114 W College St, 37130
  • Patrons society member who join before Friday March 31st are recognized in the ATHENA Award Ceremony’s print program and on the ATHENA Website

2022 Patrons Society List

Kenya Adams
Leslie Akins
Rhonda Allen
Rita Ash
Dr. Jill Austin
Stephanie Brackman
Amelia Bozeman
Ashley Carter
Misty Cole
Molly Cullbreath
Lori Cutler
Angel Davenport
Anne Davis
Gena Dix
Dr. Eady Echell
Meagan Flippin
Dr. Sherry Galloway
Jamie Harrington
Andy Helton


Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle
Debbie Howard
Patti James
Bobbie Johnson

Megan Keen
Kenzi Keene
Stephanie Kusch
Edie Langston
Missy Lay
Julie Lewis
Amanda Moore
Jackie Morgan
Jolene Radnoti
Anna Rait
Deborah Roberts
Francela Salas
Michelle Shrader
Robin Seay
Dr. Rhea Seddon

Dr. Andrea Sheffield
Felicia Shirley Smith
Dr. Ellen Slicker
Jill Spry
Veronica Terrell
Deborah Thompson
Wendy Tompkins
Carolyn Tumbleson
Dr. David Urban
Gina Urban
Meg Van Patten
Ella Weaver
Lori Williams
Dana Womack
Margaret Woodis
Sonya Wright
Kimberly Young

Patron Society members as of April 4, 2022

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2022 ATHENA Sponsors

For more information about the Rutherford ATHENA Award® Program, please contact Ashley Carter, 2023 ATHENA Chair, at
For more information on the ATHENA International Leadership Award, please visit