ATHENA Nontraditional Scholarship


ATHENA Scholarship

The ATHENA Scholarship is awarded to a Rutherford County woman who is pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree later in life. This $3,000 scholarship is offered through the generous support of the ATHENA Patrons Society.

“The ATHENA Patrons Society is delighted to present Amanda Hawk with a scholarship to Middle Tennessee State University in the amount of $3,000.” said ATHENA 2021 Chair Julie Lewis. Amanda is a current student at MTSU, Amanda is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Integrated Studies with a focus in Education and Corporate Leadership as well as a Minor in Criminology. She also plans to pursue a Master’s in Criminal Justice afterward. Amanda put her education on hold to raise their 5 children. Now, as an example to her children, she is plans to complete her degree and support her children on her own.


In addition to the annual scholarship, Pinnacle Financial Partners, a perennial sponsor of the Rutherford ATHENA Awards, offered a one-time $1,500 scholarship for a second deserving applicant. These funds were allocated from last year’s Patron Sponsorship, where unfortunately, the Patrons reception was cancelled due to pandemic precautions.

Allison is currently a registered nurse at Ascension St Thomas Rutherford and will continue her nursing education. She is enrolled for classes starting in June 2021 at Motlow State Community College – General Education for later completion of Bachelor’s in Nursing at Austin Peay State University.  Allison’s ultimate goal is to become a women’s health nurse practitioner to provide affordable access to reproductive health with a holistic approach.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  • Female
  • Permanent resident of Rutherford County
  • Graduated high school or completed GED at least five years ago
  • Student in or an applicant for admission to any associate’s or bachelor’s degree program
  • Previous recipients are not eligible for the ATHENA Nontraditional Scholarship.

Application Process

In addition to the application form itself, four (4) documents must be submitted:

Two letters of reference on official stationery focusing on academic potential, leadership abilities, need, and worthiness of student written by a) a former teacher or supervisor or b) a non-relative who is familiar with the student’s potential to be successful in a higher education program of study.

A copy of your high school transcript. If you have attended college previously, a copy of your college transcript, as well, and a copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate.

A copy of a letter from the college or school verifying your completion of application materials and/or admission.

2021 Rutherford ATHENA Scholarship Recipient $3000 to Amanda Hawk
2021 Rutherford ATHENA Scholarship Recipient $1500 to Allison Sordelet

To apply for the 2022 ATHENA Scholarship, please follow the link below to complete your application

Deadline to apply is March 31, 2021

If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact Athena scholarship chair, Margaret Woodis, at

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