Phase 2 Scholarship

Executive Leadership

Center for Executive Leadership- Phase 2 Scholarship Information

Registration for scholarships for Phase II of the Center for Executive Leadership Program are available beginning November 14, 2017, on a limited basis for qualified applicants.  One full scholarship and two partial scholarships are available.  Scholarship applications and essays are due Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at 9 a.m. Any scholarship applications received after that date and time will not be considered.

Scholarships available:

  • Nissan Scholarship – $295.00 (Full tuition for spring 2018 term)

The recipient of this scholarship demonstrates leadership potential and the need for financial assistance, as well as her commitment to Rutherford CABLE through past and current committee involvement

  • Young Professional Scholarship – $150.00   Partial Scholarship

The recipient must be 40 or under to receive this partial tuition scholarship and demonstrate a track record of increasing responsibility in her chosen field; show leadership potential; and can express her goal(s) and reasons on how this class will help accelerate her career

  • Leadership Scholarship – $150.00

Recipient must articulate her commitment to her career and to Rutherford CABLE and can express her goals and reasons on how this class will help accelerate her leadership opportunities in both

NOTE:  Scholarships cannot be combined

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Scholarship Criteria

Applicant must be a member in good standing with RUTHERFORD Cable.

Applicant must complete and turn in a 300- to 500-word essay by December 13, 2017 on how the Center for Executive Leadership will help the applicant become a more effective leader Completed essays must be sent electronically to Davita Taylor at no later than 9 am on 12/13/17. Microsoft Word is the preferred format.

Applicant must include in her/his essay how the scholarship would be beneficial, both from a professional and financial aspect. Applicant must address the specific aspect of the scholarship for which you are applying ie leadership, etc. Indicate which scholarship you would like to be considered for, too ie Young Professional, etc.

Applicant must sign a statement stating that if awarded any scholarship monies, applicant’s intentions are to successfully complete the course. This statement must appear at the conclusion of essay and is not complete without it. NOTE: This statement will not be included in the total word count of your essay.

“If awarded any scholarship proceeds, I fully intend to successfully complete the entire course of study. I am professionally and personally committed to participation. And, I have the financial means to pay for the remaining balance if awarded a partial scholarship.”