Dale Carnegie Series – Advancing Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Leadership Academy - Dale Carnegie 2020 Series

At some time in your life, you’ll be called on to lead. Once that happens, there’s no going back. So today, it’s time to become the best leader you can be, because leadership isn’t optional. Thanks to our generous underwriting partner Nissan, RUTHERFORD Cable has developed the CEL program, a growing rotational series focusing on the many facets of leadership. Join RUTHERFORD Cable for a Four week live online series, Advancing Women in Leadership, with Dale Carnegie starting November 18th at 5PM.

Classes held January 13, 20, 27 and February 2nd
Location: Zoom
Times: 5-7 pm
Cost: $125

Exclusive to RUTHERFORD Cable Members

Scholarships are available on a limited basis to qualified applicants.

Email Gina DeJean for more info. Virginia.dejean@ascension.org

Scholarship applications are available online. Deadline is September 24th


Curriculum Highlights

• Heighten your awareness of the current reality professional women face.
• Define gaps to achievement and identify behaviors to close the gaps.
• Define opportunities to add value, influence, and drive impact.
• Increase connections, relationships and networks.

• Share information and viewpoints openly and directly
• Navigate difficult people and difficult situations
• Skillfully give and receive constructive feedback.
• Use a six-step process to remain cool under pressure.

• Review the three components of an effective online meeting leadership strategy: pre-meeting planning, managing the meeting, and post-meeting follow-up.
• Discover ways to build cooperation and positive results in meetings using activities.
• Identify technical guidelines for online meeting effectiveness.

• Examine different types of stress and their impact.
• Explore principles for handling stress more effectively.
• Identify ways to convert common negative reactions into positive outlooks.
• Develop strategies for managing stress with peers.
• Focus your energies to be more productive.


Course Instructor

Kara (Hankins) Noonan
Vice President, Client Development
Dale Carnegie Training of Tennessee