The Premier Leadership Organization for Women’s Professional Advancement in Middle Tennessee


Who We Are

RUTHERFORD Cable is a local organization formed in 2009 to help women widen their professional and personal circles and connect with greater business opportunities. And, Rutherford County women have responded; we have over 250 members, and we’re still growing strong!

Rutherford Cable seeks to encourage, enlighten and empower our members and all women in our community through programs and events that offer expert advice, networking opportunities, connection and collaboration.  Click here to view upcoming events. Click here to view upcoming events.

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November Monthly Spotlight Member

Hayley McCracken

Hayley McCracken serves as a Marketing and Event professional that specializes in creating meaningful content and memorable events that drive action and create relationships. After graduating with a Marketing degree from Mercer University, Hayley started her career at the Walt Disney World Resort and now holds over 5 years of hospitality experience. In her current role, Hayley organizes fundraising events, coordinates volunteers, and collaborates on marketing campaigns that engage donors and build community relations for the Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford Foundation. Hayley prides herself on her attention to details and technological efficiency.  Hayley serves as a table facilitator and Marketing Committee member for Rutherford CABLE, a member of the Promotions Committee for Mainstreet Murfreesboro and the Professional Development Committee for Murfreesboro Young Professionals.  Outside of work, Hayley enjoys cycling at Garage Barre & Bike, playing with her 1-year-old son, Finn, and 3-year-old son, Jax, or raving about desserts and restaurants.

News & Events

RUTHERFORD Cable Membership Scholarship

RUTHERFORD Cable has introduced a one-year basic membership stipend program to assist prospective members with their Cable Membership dues and associated costs.

These are two separate scholarship categories:

  • A nonprofit organization within Rutherford County that is not currently a member.
  • Women in populations currently underrepresented in RUTHERFORD Cable (industry, work status, race, ethnicity, etc.), sponsored by Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Redstone Federal Credit Union.

The impetus of this scholarship program is to encourage prospective members to gain benefits from being associated with RUTHERFORD Cable through assistance with the cost of membership through this award.

To be considered for the scholarship:

● Applicant must live or work in Rutherford County
● Priority will be given to an individual who is not currently a member of RUTHERFORD Cable
● Participation in RUTHERFORD Cable will be measured by engagement and attendance. Therefore, applicant agrees to attend a minimum 75% of Breakfast Meetings and to participate on at least one committee/initiative of RUTHERFORD Cable
● Applications are reviewed by the RUTHERFORD Cable Nominating Committee. Recommendations for approval are submitted to the RUTHERFORD Cable Board of Directors. Application deadline is December 1st; recipient will be notified by December 14th. Membership will begin January 1, 2023.

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Cable is a unique and diverse group of business and civic-minded professionals of all ages, ethnicities and religions who are driven by the same common desire: to help women achieve remarkable professional and personal growth.