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Who We Are

RUTHERFORD Cable is a local organization formed in 2009 to help women widen their professional and personal circles and connect with greater business opportunities. And, Rutherford County women have responded; we have over 250 members, and we’re still growing strong!

Rutherford Cable seeks to encourage, enlighten and empower our members and all women in our community through programs and events that offer expert advice, networking opportunities, connection and collaboration.  Click here to view upcoming events. Click here to view upcoming events.

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November Monthly
Spotlight Member

Kelly Pelchat

I am a Murfreesboro girl! I fondly remember Cason Lane with nothing but a dairy farm and cotton fields. I also remember when Old Fort Parkway opened to traffic for the first time and my first job as The Talking Christmas Tree in the window of Harvey’s Department Store. Fast forward a few decades and I am currently blessed with 2 adult children; My daughter, who is a Behavioral Dog Trainer in New York and my son, a Teacher and Football Coach at Riverdale (my Alma Mater), 4 sweet Grandbabies, who call me Gigi and 2 cranky kitties. My professional background is Banking, Sales Education and Real Estate. In January of this year, I retired my Real Estate license for the position of Business Development Specialist for Redstone Title Services. Being a new Title company to the area, I am responsible for introducing our Services to Realtors and Mortgage Lenders. In addition, since being the same is boring and everyone needs a sale, I coach new Agents on how to economically create visibility in their community through networking and building relationships. Also, having experience as a Realtor, I love to support new Agents with the information they sometimes lack when explaining the title company’s role to their clients. I love what I do. That makes me a Lucky Murfreesboro Girl.


November Monthly
Non Profit Spotlight

Moms Loving Moms

Moms Loving Moms is reshaping the way society approaches postpartum care by providing free postpartum care kits to newly delivered mothers including extensive physical recovery items as well as free counseling focused on perinatal mental health. These kits are currently made available to all expecting women in Rutherford and surrounding counties regardless of their economic status or background, with a mission to offer essential support and empower new mothers, thereby creating a more inclusive and supportive postpartum experience for all. In 2023 MLM averaged serving 50 moms a month, with September being the highest at 90 kits delivered! With kits valued at $120 our financial needs are great. Continued support by monthly sponsors makes a huge difference in us being able to continue loving moms in this way. We have individual items in our kits that range from $2-$20, any amount given is needed and goes a long way!

News & Events

RUTHERFORD Cable Membership Scholarship

RUTHERFORD Cable has introduced a one-year basic membership stipend program to assist prospective members with their Cable Membership dues and associated costs.

These are two separate scholarship categories:

  • A nonprofit organization within Rutherford County that is not currently a member.
  • Women in populations currently underrepresented in RUTHERFORD Cable (industry, work status, race, ethnicity, etc.), sponsored by Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Redstone Federal Credit Union.

The impetus of this scholarship program is to encourage prospective members to gain benefits from being associated with RUTHERFORD Cable through assistance with the cost of membership through this award.

To be considered for the scholarship:

● Applicant must live or work in Rutherford County
● Priority will be given to an individual who is not currently a member of RUTHERFORD Cable
● Participation in RUTHERFORD Cable will be measured by engagement and attendance. Therefore, applicant agrees to attend a minimum 75% of Breakfast Meetings and to participate on at least one committee/initiative of RUTHERFORD Cable
● Applications are reviewed by the RUTHERFORD Cable Nominating Committee. Recommendations for approval are submitted to the RUTHERFORD Cable Board of Directors. Application deadline is December 1st; recipient will be notified by December 14th. Membership will begin January 1, 2023.

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Cable is a unique and diverse group of business and civic-minded professionals of all ages, ethnicities and religions who are driven by the same common desire: to help women achieve remarkable professional and personal growth.