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RUTHERFORD Cable is a local organization formed in 2009 to help women widen their professional and personal circles and connect with greater business opportunities. And, Rutherford County women have responded; we have over 250 members, and we’re still growing strong!

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July Monthly Spotlight Member

Lisa Olivares

22 years as a trainer and consultant with Mary Kay – as a diversion from Corporate Finance in order to more flexibly raise her toddler daughters.Best parts of my career involve connecting with other women of all ages: getting to know them as new friends during a skincare and masking session and/or teaching and equipping them to run a business; develop money/time/emotions management skills & grow personally. She and her daughters relocated to TN 3 years ago. One is now a Child Life Specialist at Oschner Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and the other is traveling with AmeriCorp for the next year. Lisa attends The Experience Community Church and serves with the High School Youth.This year she’s looking forward to becoming more involved in Cable and in the Murfreesboro Downtown

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Cable is a unique and diverse group of business and civic-minded professionals of all ages, ethnicities and religions who are driven by the same common desire: to help women achieve remarkable professional and personal growth.