Cable Zap

This hugely popular at-your-desk networking and information-gathering service is a way to quickly share and solicit information and build your business. WHAT IS IT?

Cable ZAP
A Cable ZAP is an email to the entire membership for the purpose of sharing information and news, and asking for help (not commercial in nature.) Examples:
  • Can anyone recommend someone to remodel my kitchen?
  • Congratulations to Jane Doe on her recent promotion!
  • I am looking for a new job. Please contact me at…
  • I am hosting a fundraiser yard sale Saturday.
An Ad ZAP is an email to the entire membership for the purpose of promoting your business, products or services. Examples:
  • October Sale on all jewelry.
  • Discount available for CABLE members on a particular service.
  • Announcing my new business!
Member ZAP
A Member ZAP is an email to the entire membership for the purpose of communicating official Cable business to the membership. (This tool is only used by a small group of Board members.) Examples:
  • Last day to sign up for the October membership meeting!
  • Free networking event tomorrow night…
  • We’ve reached another membership milestone…let’s celebrate!
How to ZAP
  • Include a clear subject line.
  • Compose your message.
  • Send your Zap to
Once submitted, ZAPs must be reviewed by our ZAP Administrator, to ensure your ZAP is on target and complete. She will approve your requests as quickly as possible and it will then be sent on to the entire membership. If you experience any problems sending or receiving zaps, please contact Missy Lay at As the RUTHERFORD Cable coordinator, she is the acting ZAP administrator.
ZAP Guidelines
  • ZAPs can only be sent by current members.
  • Members can send up to five (5) ZAPs total each week.
  • Attachment file size limit is 300k.
  • ZAPs will be processed during business hours Monday through Friday once or twice a day.
  • Please be sure to have very clear subject lines with a category heading such as: For Sale, Looking For, Special Request, Business Opportunity, Service Needed, Vendor Recommendations
Do Not Send
  • Items that are religious or political in nature.
  • Send “thank you” ZAPs. i.e.: Thanks to everyone that recommended painters!
  • Forward a ZAP to an outside vendor. If someone is seeking information about cell phone contracts, for example, reply to their email and provide them the company information. Allow them to contact the providers they wish to speak with at their own convenience.
  • Forward an email you receive from an outside vendor. ZAPs should only originate from members.