Event Form

This form is for board members to submit an event to be added to the website.  

Events open to the public can go to ALL contacts in our system.

The best attended events start advertising 3 weeks prior.  It takes about 1 week to get an event added to our event calendar, automatic emails prepared, etc.  For best possible outcome/attendance, this form should be turned in 4 weeks prior to an event.

Once an event is created and automatic emails are set up, a great event needs your committee to help spread the word by:

sharing on Facebook
sending zaps or emails personally inviting folks to join
Eye catching images made on Canva
Even 20 second videos about the event help

Remember we have people who plan early and put it on their calendars, but forget to register, so use multiple avenues to share to get as much excitement as possible.

Given enough time, Missy is willing to help create images or ideas to help promote, including videos, slideshows, etc.
Think ahead and we can make it amazing!