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The best way to make deeper connections with your fellow Cable members is to join a Cable committee. Volunteer as a committee member to gain additional business exposure and expand your network of relationships within Cable. Getting involved is where you will see exponential benefits start to come from your RUTHERFORD Cable membership. Learn more about our individual committees to get plugged in today.

ATHENA Committee

Purpose and Function of Committee: To coordinate the Rutherford ATHENA Leadership Award Program. This award is presented to individuals who have attained and embody the highest level of professional excellence in their business or profession, devote time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community and actively assist women in realizing their full leadership potential.

Committee Members:
Amelia Bozeman, Chair 

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee conducts mission-driven activities and events with the goal of strengthening Cable’s strategic presence and involvement in the community.

For 2019-2020, the committee’s activities include partnering with the MTSU Pam Wright Chair in Entrepreneurship Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 18-22, to provide a panel of Cable entrepreneurs for a college audience and judges for a high school entrepreneurship fair.

The committee also organizes the monthly Nonprofit Spotlight at the Cable breakfast meetings, helps facilitate members’ involvement in programs such as Chamber Diplomats and Saint Thomas Commonwealth Society, and conducts ad hoc nonprofit outreach benefitting Cable’s nonprofit members.

Committee Members
Gina Urban, Chair

Sheryl Chesnutt
Cheryl Farthing
Jamie Harrington
Debbie Howard
Dawn Nasoori
Tosha Price
Kelly Prince
Francela Salas
Liz Sawyer
Alicia Stachura
Carolyn Tumbleson
Lori Williams
Dana Womack
Kimberly Young

Development Committee

The Development Committee’s key responsibility is to foster and cultivate strategic partners that share the same vision as RUTHERFORD Cable.

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of every month, 12:30 1:30 for lunch, at the Boulevard Bar & Grill (2154 Middle Tennessee Blvd, 37130)

Committee Members:
Sarah Callender, Chair

Diversity & Inclusion

Recognizing that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a richer environment for our members, Rutherford Cable has established a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative. This initiative is being carried out by the D&I Committee which works to ensure that Cable meets every member where she/he is, celebrates our members’ diverse voices and experiences and creates an atmosphere where all feel welcomed, valued and respected. The committee’s motto is, “Rutherford Cable is the place where differences unite us and make us stronger, rather than divide us”.

Meetings:  3rd Friday of every month, 7:30 am – 8:30 am at First Watch (1970 Medical Center Pkwy #A, Murfreesboro, TN 37129)

Committee Members:
Veronica Terrell, Chair

Bobbie Johnson
Allison Oslund
Lucero Rose
Lindsi Solomon
Davita Taylor
Carolyn Tumbleson

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is charged with the fiduciary responsibility of maintaining a financially healthy organization.

The committee is comprised of several subcommittees, including reconciling accounts receivable, receiving and depositing cash, invoicing, budgeting and financial reporting.

Committee Members:
Amanda Cromwell, Chair

Elizabeth Abernathy
Veronica Bosnak
Ashley Holloway
Megan Keen
Suzanne Vandiver
Lori Williams

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for keeping members informed on a regular basis about RUTHERFORD Cable’s mission and opportunities to get involved.

The committee is also responsible for informing the community about RUTHERFORD Cable through communication via the news media and social media regarding upcoming events and activities.

Committee Members:

Heather Kent, Chair

Member Services & Retention

Member Services and Retention Committee strives to make sure all members are engaged, informed, and knowledgeable regarding all membership benefits. Member Services and Retention Sub-Committees include: New Member On-boarding, Member Orientation, Breakfast Meeting Hosts, Buddy System, Surveys and Retention/Engagement.

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the month from 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM at The Alley on Main (223 W Main St. Murfreesboro, TN 37130).

Feel free to visit us to learn more!

Committee Members:
Stephanie Kusch, Chair

Pat Lane
Edie Langston
Heydi Lopez
Leigh Ann Maxwell
Cayla O’Leary
Angel Pardue
Vyvonne Phoutharansy
Deborah Roberts
Jill Spry
Christine Summers

Networking Committee

Networking events are held monthly to provide additional networking opportunities and shared experiences, beyond our ongoing breakfast meetings and other tools, to benefit RUTHERFORD Cable members.

We are always looking for creative, unique experiences that allow us to build our relationships, get to know each other better, and have fun!

All Networking events are consistent with the mission of RUTHERFORD Cable. Events can be “sponsored” by a member but cannot be for the benefit of showcasing the member’s business exclusively, promoting the member’s business or selling the member’s product. Members who wish to host events that sell their products, etc. may do so through a Cable ZAP, not as a Networking sponsored event.

Committee Members:
Missy Hartley, Chair

Allison Barmore
Jaqcueline Edwards
Susan Davenport
Deneen Glidwell
Melanie Harper
Stacey Morter
Gale Schmenk

Program & Logistics Committee

The Programs and Logistics Committee is charged with developing and facilitating the following: monthly breakfast meetings, holiday events and annual awards meetings.

Our responsibilities include developing speaker topics, securing quality speakers, managing the speaker’s needs, securing appropriate meeting sites, engaging table facilitators, selecting monthly Spotlight Members, recruiting Mission Moment volunteers, inviting community guests, soliciting door prizes, and coordinating the annual awards and holiday programs.

Meetings: Thursday following the Breakfast Meeting 4:30 pm at the Alley on Main, 223 W Main Street, 37130

Committee Members:
Stacey Morter, Chair

Share the Connection Committee

The Share the Connection committee focuses on empowering and educating the existing members to “Share the Connection” to prospective members. Our goal is to grow the organization with women who understand the RUTHERFORD Cable mission.

Each year, we strive to gain 30 new members who will become actively involved in RUTHERFORD Cable by positively impacting the organization with their gifts and talents.

Committee Members:
Cherillyn Maddox, Chair

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee coordinates events for RUTHERFORD Cable sponsors and members. Our sponsors each have signature events and programs that occur throughout the year based on their corporate goals and input from our membership.

This committee works with each RUTHERFORD Cable sponsor, the Development Committee, the Marketing and Communications Committee, and the Program Committee to develop events.

The Special Events Committee welcomes guests and meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 4 P.M. at Bar Louie.

Committee Members:
Alicia Stachura, Chair

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining RUTHERFORD Cable’s technology resources for efficient operations of the organization.

This committee creates and update the power point presentation at the monthly breakfast meetings as well as sets up the projector and laptop at these meetings. The technology committee also works with the breakfast meeting venue and programs committee to ensure the guest speaker has everything in the technology realm he or she requires. Also, this committee assists the membership services committee at the member orientation meetings through performing training on the RUTHERFORD Cable website.

Committee Members:
Sparkle Tufano, Chair

President’s Advisory Council

The purpose of the President’s Advisory Council is to assist the RUTHERFORD Cable President and Board by working on issues, tasks and objectives that will enhance the overall strategic direction of the organization. The PAC is not a voting council, we simply provide wisdom, advice and support to the current President, Board and Membership as needed and requested.

Committee Members:
Carolyn Tumbleson, Past President (17-18) & Chair

Jackie Morgan, Current President
Anne Henslee, President-Elect
Veronica Terrell, Past President (16-17)
Tara MacDougall, Past President (15-16)
Anne Davis, Past President (14-15)
Kathy Jones, Past President (13-14)
Paula Mansfield, Past President (11-12)
Terri Sterling Donovan, Past President (09-10)

Three At-large positions (appointed by current President):

Megan Bynum – RC member who recently rolled off the board
Sonia Sappenfield – RC member who has been a member for at least 2 years
Kimberly Estep – RC member personally invited at the invitation of the President