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RUTHERFORD Cable Mentoring Program

The RUTHERFORD Cable Mentoring Program offers an opportunity for a protégé to meet individually with a mentor to discuss issues related to career and personal development.  Additionally, all of the mentors and protégés will meet together over six months to discuss relevant topics and to learn from each other.  Each year a book is selected for discussion and a self-evaluation tool such as StrengthFinders is completed by each participant for learning and self-reflection.

Rutherford Cable offers two types of mentor programs and alternates these by year according to need and interest.

  1. Mentoring for Young Professionals is designed to help participants with beginning career issues such as building your brand, navigating the job market, promotion and performance evaluation issues, developing as a leader, etc.
  2. Transitions Mentoring is offered for members who are transitioning in some way in their career. They may be re-entering the job market after years away, beginning an entrepreneurial adventure, considering a major career change, or transitioning from full-time work to retirement and other opportunities. Participants will explore goal setting, connecting with networks, taking time to celebrate successes, and learning tools to take action.

This program is sponsored by First Horizon Bank, whose gracious contribution will allow for up to eight Protégés and Mentors to participate in the program. The mentor program is facilitated by Rutherford CABLE’s own Meagan Flippin. For more info, email Meagan at 

Our 2022-23 Mentoring program
applications are available NOW
and close September 19.

Have insight to provide?
Would you like to be a mentor?
Email Meagan Flippin at

Mentoring Class of 2022

Mentoring Event Dates

2019-2020 Mentoring Event Dates

October 2019 – April 2020 (NO meeting in December)

Participants (both mentors and protégés) will need to commit to attending Wednesday morning meetings once each month during the months of the program.

Announcements about making application will be made through Cable Zap e-mails and at the August breakfast meeting.

Mentoring Event Dates

2022-2023 Mentoring Event Dates

October 25 – Kickoff Social
November 3 – Session #1 (Lunch)
December 1 – Session #2 (Lunch)

January 5 – Session #3 (Lunch)
January 18 – (Tentative Date) Mid-Year Social
February 2 – Session #4 (Lunch)
March 2 – 
Session #5 (Lunch)
April 6 – 
Session #6 (Lunch)
May 4 –  Graduation (Lunch)

In addition, proteges will schedule 1-1 meetings with their mentors at a time that is mutually agreed upon.


More Information

Program Fee: Free. This unique program is included in your RutherfordCABLE Membership Fee and the generous sponsorship of First Horizon Bank.

What is Mentoring: Mentoring can be defined as a developmental relationship in which a more experienced person provides support and guidance to a less experienced person. Working with a mentor gives a Protégé the opportunity to improve his or her understanding of practices, discuss problems, and analyze and learn from mistakes in an atmosphere that is collaborative, constructive, and confidential.

“Thanks to the Mentoring Program, I was given the best gift which was having Tara MacDougall as my mentor. She helped me identify and ultimately achieve my goals and she continues to be my inspiration both as a professional and as a mother. We still meet monthly to catch up over coffee!” – Lindsey Fournier, Protégé

Special thanks to First Tennessee for sponsoring the mentorship program and for powering our participants dreams.